Once Upon A Crescent: Episode – 39: Saleha’s Smile

Saleha’s worry about going to a party with new people shows up in her body as a queasy feeling in her stomach. Mama helps her understand this feeling further and offers a helpful strategy from the Sunnah to tackle on her worries of being around new people, in a new setting. 

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Once Upon A Crescent: Episode – 38: Ooby’s Obstacle Course

Ooby the Ostrich has set up an amazing obstacle course for his fellow ostriches, but when Ooby unexpectedly starts losing his feathers, he starts to feel worried about his appearance. Haroon the Hippo and Omar the Ostrich show up for their friend and remind him what truly matters. 

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Once Upon A Crescent: Episode – 37: Eid Carnival Chaos

Muhammed & Imran have grand plans for their day at the Eid Carnival. When Imran gets hurt, things take a different turn. This incident helps Muhammed practice a hadith he learned during Ramadan. 

— Eid Mubarak to you all! — 

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Transcript for Episode


2 (9s): <Assalamualaikum> Welcome to season four of Once Upon a Crescent , A Muslim Kids Podcast. Dear kid listeners. These stories are just for you written and produced by me, your author and narrator, Mrs. Hashimi let’s switch on our imaginations with today’s story. Today’s story is called Eid Carnival Chaos. Eid e carnivals are hosted at the biggest masjid of the city. This masjid  has a parking lot that could fit in entire zoo in it. 2 (53s): That’s how much endless space there is for the community. So every year the masjid volunteers plan and prepare for an amazing family fun day for their community members. This Eid Carnival is always packed with people. The smell of food, popcorn, cotton, candy, and nachos fills the air. Once you park your car, you have to stand in line to either buy tickets or buy an all day pass. The all-day pass looks like a colorful bracelet that you wear. Well Mohammed’s family was already standing in line to buy their all day pass for Eve this year, Mohammed and his little brother Iran. 2 (1m 39s): We’re going to spend all day at the Eid Carnival mama and Baba’s EID gift to them was the all day bracelet pass. Mohammed and Imran were wiggling in line eager to have the bracelets put on them so they can zoom off together to do all the amazing fun activities. Imran let’s do the petting zoo first, then the bounce house, then let’s do the carnival games. If we get enough tickets from the games, we could even get a prize to share. Imran was bouncing in his spot, jittery with excitement. He peered in front of him to see how much longer the line was till they were next. 2 (2m 22s): Imran squealed mama bent down to talk to the boys about some safety rules. Okay? Listen up boys. I need to always be able to see where you are. That means you can’t run off to the other side of the carnival without me. You have to be patient. If mama is with a friend and if she’s greeting Eid Mubarak to others, okay, we’ll do the whole carnival inShaAllah, but you have to wait for me. The boys nodded their heads quickly. Also you have to stay together. You are his buddy and he is your buddy for today. Got it. Mama said seriously. As she made the boys, hold hands, the boys giggled and laughed and pulled hands away from each other quickly. 2 (3m 3s): When mama wasn’t looking, your hands are sweaty and run joked who Imran your hands are sticky. Mohammed snapped back. Your face is sticky. Imran giggled. He who Imran your faces sweaty. The boys teased each other in line until it was their turn. They pushed out their arms to the volunteer, wanting the bracelet immediately. The poor volunteer, dodged their hands, saving her chin from getting jabbed at, by the boys. Mama I, the boys and they sheepishly smile. 2 (3m 43s): They slowly and gently offered their hands this time for the all day pass bracelets. As soon as those bracelets were securely adjusted on their wrists, the boys gained super energized speed in their feet. Mama held their shoulders in place. Whoa, my Roadrunners, before you zip off to have an Eid Carnival adventure, let’s review the rules. Mohammed took a deep breath to ease the energy in his body. He slowed down and explained mama. We won’t go anywhere that’s far. And we won’t go anywhere where you can’t see us. 2 (4m 24s): We’ll play together and we’ll play safe inShaAllah . Mama nodded also no fighting solve your problems with words, not your hands and feet. Got it. If you need to talk it out with me, you know where to find me the boys nodded and hugged their mommas before racing off and handed it out for the boys. The petting zoo was completely empty. The boys walked right in to be around the baby goats and chickens. Imran held onto his brother’s shirt. Baby goats had way more energy than these boys. They were jumping around the haystacks, kicking and ramming into everything. 2 (5m 7s): Mohammed chased after them trying to pet one while his little brother held on being pulled and tugged in every direction. Oh no. Imran had plopped face down onto the ground. Dirtying up his brand new Eid Thoub. . Ouch Muhammad, you are going too fast. You made me fall. Imran stayed on the floor, rubbing his knees while his older brother tried to shoo away, baby goat, who was still in the mood to be chased. Well, how bad I’m going to get stomped on by these goats. Let’s get out of your Imran. 2 (5m 49s): He Picked himself up and yanked on his older brother to exit the petting zoo. Imrans scraped knee was fiery. Red Mohammed blew on his knee, trying to make his little brother feel better. Oh, it’s super ouchy. Muhammad Imran complained. Mohammad felt worried for his little brother. And he looked around to see if mama was nearby. She wasn’t. She was standing in line to buy lunch with Baba. Muhammad felt a tap on his shoulder, An elderly uncle with a long white beard and a walking cane smiled at the boys. 2 (6m 32s): His eyes wrinkled up and he held out some bright blue cotton candy. The elderly uncles hands were shaking gently as he extended the treat to Mohammad. 8 (6m 48s): Excuse me. <Assalamualaikum> 2 (6m 52s): I 8 (6m 52s): Eid Mubarak out here. Perhaps this will take away your brother’s super ouchy. 2 (7m 2s): Well, how bad the nodded quietly and took the cotton candy. Happily. The uncle turned around and walked away wobbling while walking without saying another word. Muhammad called out wait, uncle <inaudible> hail Mohammed’s voice was drowned out by the chaos of the carnival. It was way too loud for the elderly uncle to even hear more Hamad. Mohammed tried to step over his brother to go Thank the uncle properly. He didn’t want the uncle to just leave without him saying thank you. Mohamed got up, but realized Imran was still on the floor hurt. 2 (7m 42s): He looked at his little brother who was too busy, rubbing and blowing on his scraped knee. Mohammed’s felt so heavy in his heart. He wanted to run after the uncle to say thank you. But he definitely couldn’t because his little brother was on the floor. Hurt. Mohammed felt defeated. He bent down and offer the cotton candy to his little brother. First here. Look what I got. Have some Imran eyes sparkled at the sight of pure sugar. Whoa, for me, thank you so much Muhammad. 2 (8m 24s): <Jazakallah Khair> oh, that was the exact thing that Mohammed wanted to say to the elderly uncle. It means may Allah reward you with good. And that’s a Dwyer that Mohammed truly felt for him. Meanwhile, imran leaned forward and took a big alligator bite into the fluffy cotton candy Mohammed. That was really nice of you. Thank you. Muhammad kept quiet. He was really bothered by the fact that he couldn’t think that uncle liked the way his brother just thanked him. Muhammad scan the area, but again, the chaos of their Eid Carnival made it impossible to spot one person in the crowd. 2 (9m 10s): There were hundreds of people walking around. Mohammed watched as his little brother took not one, not two but three alligator bites into the fluffy cotton candy. Imran smiled so big revealing his blue colored teeth. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Imran, Imran I need to drop you off to mama for a bit. I’ll be right back. Okay. Do you think you can walk over to mama and Baba Mohammed took his brother’s hand and helped him up. They walked to their parents slowly. Mama’s eyes got wide as she saw him. 2 (9m 52s): Imrans blue colored mouth. A whole no, no, no. We were just about to eat lunch boys. Where did you even get that from mama questioned mama. This old uncle gave it to me because Imran got hurt. No, no, I didn’t just get hurt. I got a super algae. When Imran exclaimed pulling up his pants like showing his deeply scraped knees, Baba took Imran in his lap to examine his injury better. Mama. I have to go find that uncle. He didn’t even hear me say <JazakallahKhair>. It was too loud by the petting zoo. 2 (10m 33s): It feels so rude to not say thank you, mama smiled at her soft-hearted son. I agree. This is something that we talked about. Remember and run Milan. Remember the heartbeat of the profits of the law idea was someone who said, whoever does not think people has not thanked a law. Exactly. Mama. That’s what I was thinking too. I feel like I need to go. Thank the uncle properly. Mama. Put her hand on her chin tapping it. Gently trying to come up with a plan. But how are we going to find that uncle in this chaos mama said looking around at the busy Muslim parking lot, Mohamed squinted at his surroundings, watching as kids ran past him, he looked at the long lines of people waiting for food, noticing that they were all adults, his parents’ age. 2 (11m 25s): That’s when it struck Mohammed. If the uncle was an old elderly uncle with a cane, then there’s no way that he’d be on the rides or standing in line. The old uncle must be sitting on the masjid, benches, maybe waiting for lunch somewhere with all the other elderly mama. I think I know where he is. Mohammed looked at his mom waiting to see if she was okay with him going off. We’ll be right here. I’ll watch you from here. Okay. Mohammad mama rubbed her son’s back. Mohammed that sprinted off to the picnic tables near the entrance of the mustard. 2 (12m 7s): He walked by the table where the chai and coffee was. And he immediately knew that he was right. There were so many elderly people together on a few tables. They were drinking their chai and enjoying their afternoon. Mohammed walked slowly between the tables, looking for the sweet uncle who handed him the cotton candy. He spotted a cane leaning against one of the tables and quickly walked over. The elderly uncle was there and he smiled at Mohammed. He held his hand out to him. Mohammed held his fragile wrinkled hand and sat next to him and spoke clearly this time. 2 (12m 50s): Uncle, thank you for the cotton candy dissolve JazakallahKhair. My mom says that if we want to show our thanks to Allah, we have to be thankful to people like the Hadith of the prophet <pbuh> was send them. The uncles smiled even bigger at Mohammed’s explanation. He nodded slowly and gently tugged Mohammed Mohammed leaned in to give the uncle a warm hug, resting his head on his big white beard that smelled like ‘itr. Suddenly the chaos of their Eid Carnival behind them faded into a silence. As Mohammed kept still. 2 (13m 31s): He sat with the elderly uncle holding his bony hand for a moment longer. Eid Mubarak to all my dear kid listeners. I hope you all had a wonderful are you? I hope you also enjoyed my leave gift to you all. It was sent out in an email for all those that joined my mailing list. If you haven’t yet, please join by clicking MrsHashimi.com. This would be the best way to be up to date about news of more projects, personalized aid stories, and other content for my kid listeners to benefit from. So don’t forget to join on my website, MrsHashimi.com.

Once Upon A Crescent: Episode – 36: Hamid’s Perfect Prayer Rug

Mama & Baba add playfulness to Hamid’s salah experience. They join his big imagination and wonder where in the world they could travel if their perfect prayer rug could fly! This innocent story highlights how to add positive associations to prayer. 


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Once Upon A Crescent: Episode – 35: The Princess Warrior

Mahnoor asks, “Can princesses also be warriors?” and this sparks an entire debate between her, Mahd & Mahveen. These 3 Sunday School classmates have a discussion about this on the playground. Sr. Khadijah, the Sunday School teacher, joins in to use this debate as an opportunity to talk about the female hero and companion Nusaybah bint Ka’ab!

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Once Upon A Crescent: Episode – 34: Billu Khan Finds a Balance

Billu Khan moves into a new territory of the jungle. Many visitors like Zane the Clouded Leopard, Saleema the Elephant & Hafsa the Rhino  come by with gifts of meat for Billu Khan. After indulging in all the special meats, Billu Khan comes to learn a valuable lesson in being moderate and finding a balance.

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