Once Upon A Crescent 55: Just in Time for Ramadan

Khadijah and Zakariya spend the day with their grandmother and aunt while their parents are at the hospital in preparation for the new baby to be born. Baba leaves a few voice messages to the kids to give them an exciting update, just in time for Ramadan!
This episode was sponsored by Sr. Hajera for her kids Khadijah, Zakariya and Zaynab. 
Ramadan Mubarak to you all! 
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Once Upon A Crescent 54: Ayshah’s Ramadan Basket

After their Umrah trip, Mumma and Ayshah unpack their things from Makkah & Medinah. While unpacking, Mumma comes up with an idea to assemble a Ramadan basket. They include the things they brought from Makkah & Medina in this basket for their Christian neighbor. Mumma includes little Ayshah in the entire process from assembly to delivery.

This episode was sponsored by Sr. Samaa . This story is dedicated to her daughter, Ayshah :).

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Once Upon A Crescent 53: A Spoonful of Honey

Khadijah learns about some Prophetic practices from the Sunnah by her Mom when her little brother, Musa, has a fever and cough. Mama shares the different Sunnahs of when someone falls sick.

This episode was sponsored by Sr. Ifrah. This story is dedicated to her two kids Khadijah & Musa.

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Once Upon A Crescent 52: The Cash Confusion

Zaid and Talia  are eager to make it on time to their club meetings at the library. On their way to the library, Baba buys candy bars from a needy man on the street, but when the man accidentally hands Baba extra cash with the candy bars, Baba and the kids must act quick to return this extra cash to the rightful owner, even if that means being late to clubs at the library! 

Special Thanks to Br. Amir Hoxa & Br. Faris Khaleeli for lending their voices for this story.

This episode was sponsored by Sister Yasmina for her kids Zaid & Taalia! 

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Once Upon A Crescent 51: Amir’s Adhaan

It is Amir’s turn to make the call to prayer on the big microphone at his new Islamic school. Before he recites the Adhaan, Amir notices a new student that has joined their school. Amir, Mayar and Ibrahim take this opportunity to strike a conversation with the new kid, but little did they know that this new student had a pressing question about the Adhaan that the kids would have to answer.

This episode is sponsored by Br. Ali and is dedicated to his kids Amir & Mayar!

Special thanks to Br. Muttaqi Ismail, Host of Islamic History Podcast for his voicing of Principal Wazwaz. (https://islamichistorypodcast.com)

Sound effects obtained from freesound.org  & zapsplat.com 


Once Upon A Crescent 50: The Masjid Party

Noor experiences the “feel-good” energy of doing a good deed at the Masjid during her friend’s Quran Completion Party . Zoha’s family hosts a dinner outdoors in the Masjid courtyard. This event became a way for Noor to experience the lovely environment of being at the Masjid as a special volunteer and helper. 

Special thanks to Sr. Reem from Texas for sponsoring this episode. This story is dedicated to Noor, Aleena & Hassan. 


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Special thanks to Br. Zakaria and Dr. Raja for their voices. 

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