Once Upon A Crescent: Episode – 45: Baba’s Big Secret

Yusra, Mariam and Fatima visit their Baba’s hospital to pick him up from work. The girls overhear a nurse commenting on Baba’s secret identity at the hospital. Mama finally leads the girls to show exactly what Baba is up to at the hospital aside from being Dr. Yusuf. Tune in to find out what Baba’s big secret is! 

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Once Upon A Crescent: Episode – 44: Billu Khan Meets the Queen

When Billu Khan is invited to meet the Queen Ant, a member of the ant colony feels nervous about the meeting. The little ant tries her best to remind her colony members about how to show good manners to those that are guests according to the Sunnah. 

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Once Upon A Crescent: Episode – 43: Adam’s Halloween Situation

Adam has successfully shared to his class that he doesn’t celebrate Halloween. That was the least of his concerns for the day though. When he has to walk through a neighborhood with spooky decorations, he finds himself feeling frightened and uncomfortable. This new situation allows him to learn a new Dua for when a person feels stressed. 


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Once Upon A Crescent: Episode – 42: Fati the Flamingo

Fati the flamingo focuses on her shrimp catching skills in hopes of her feathers turning brighter and pinker! When another flamingo disrupts her practice, she spreads her frustration unknowingly on a younger peer, Faris the Flamingo. This story highlights the hadith, “Certainly, Allah helps His servants, as long as they are of help to their fellow Muslim,” in a kid friendly way. 

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Once Upon A Crescent: Episode – 41: The New Back to School Routine

Amani & Ayah start a new back to school routine. They walk to school in the mornings now… all by themselves! This new routine highlights for the girls the importance of being safe and how to protect oneself with duas. 

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Once Upon A Crescent: Episode – 40: A Share of Sugar

This rhyming story aims to teach an abundant mindset for kids from the teachings of the Sunnah. Sharing, for the sake of Allah, brings an increase in our life, in amazing, unexpected ways. 

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